Tire fitting at TireGoal

You can fit our tires at your local garage. Here's how it works:

  1. 1. Find the tires you want at TireGoal
  2. 2. Currently almost any garage will fit the tires you buy on TireGoal, so all you need to do is ask your garage, the answer is probably yes! Otherwise contact another garage near you
  3. 3. Choose to send the tires to your own address or at the address of the fitting station who will fit them for you

Is there a list of TireGoal fitting stations?

A question we sometimes get is; do you have a list of fitting stations? The answer is no, we used to have it, but since currently almost any garage is happy to see you come in as a customer, it is no longer necessary to print them all in a list. You can just call your own garage or, if you want to go somewhere else, check on Google what local garage is near you.

What is the price of fitting?

Prices of fitting will be different from one garage to another, but before you go online to find the cheapest one, keep the following in mind. The low priced tires you buy from us are exactly the same as more expensive ones you buy somewhere else. For the fitting this is different, cheap fitting will mean in most cases worse fitting. While paying a fair price for the fitting will have the benefit of having tires that are more accuratly fitted on your wheel. The result will be a more comfortable drive and better service.